The World Travellers Club provides you with information on various countries and the way to get there. The page has travelstories and a lot of links to travel guides, books and other travel sites.

The Trail Database gets you around the world on foot. The page offers some virtual hikes as well as many links.

Landenweb gets you around the world. and 1 world 2 travel have travelstories worldwide.

Friends of Malawi gives info on Malawi and has a lot of links with sites that specify on certain Malawi facts and features.

The South African embassy in Washington offers lots of information the country.
where Africa comes to you ..

There is lots of info about travelling through the United States on the web. Four interesting sites are National Park Service, giving info about all the national parks, monuments and so on in the states;
Yellowstone.Net, for info on the world's first national park and more;

The New York City Magazine for New York and beyond.

The Streets of Los Angeles for greater L.A.

Try Great Canadian Ecoventures for the North of Canada.

Burma is a beautiful country, though there are many reasons to question the government. Freeburma offers space for discussions on the country.

For info on Aboriginal people and their art Maningrida, is a good and beautiful entrance

All Info About English Culture Your key to the fads, foibles and eccentricities of cultural England.

Bella Umbria - Alberghi Agriturismo Vacanze in Italia Italian beauty

and even more on magnificent Italy.

For more links try

For modeling see Hollywood North - Acting & Modeling

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