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Perfect Photos
Africa, Australia, America, Asia or Europe - Yes, choose one of these continents to explore the world of Alex Sievers’ stunning photographic pieces. The Internet has made it possible for photographers like Alex to connect with surfers around the world and educate them on the world events that are happening or the different cultures of many races. Alex is a well-travelled photographer who has faced the sweltering heat of the Silk Road and the rough Australian outback. Alex does a wonderful job at capturing profiles of people and in their natural surrounding, be it a rustic village or a cottage on a snowy mountaintop. Alex’s webpage makes surfing such a breeze and never will one get lost, rather be lost in the magical world of captivating photos.

september 2000
The LiA ACE is selectively awarded to websites containing unique cultural content on contemporary Africa.

december 2000
Dear Alex, due to the fact that I am very impressed by your Namibia photos I herewith would like to give you my Namibia Travel Award. Kind regards, Christian

september 1997
These companies or individuals have used high quality photography, and in many cases, innovative design to showcase themselves on the Internet. We consider them to be among the top five percent of the Web sites on the Internet.

Ken Windsor in Images to inspire the imagination:
"Do you remember those days of long ago, when you made a very special trip to the only cinema in town ? You would settle in your seat and gaze all around you at the lavish decor, before turning your attention to the wonderful ornate fire curtain which was hiding the silver screen. The atmosphere was electric as you waited for the curtain to go up and the show would begin. Well, when viewing the next site by ALEX SIEVERS for some reason I got the same sensational. It was the buzz of excitement as his home page hit me, and unfolded into a really great show. The enlarged images are a little on the small side, but the quality is certainly there. Time for curtain up."

september 2003
"If you can't travel the world, the next best thing is to see the pictures from someone who has. Photographer Alex Sievers has done an amazing job of capturing the feel of locals from the depths of the Grand Canyon to the Silk Road of China. Enjoy the amazing vistas as well as the unique people who inhabit these beautiful places".

october 2003

october 1997
Charles Daney in More great photography:
"Alex Sievers' Alex Sievers Photography site includes work from Australia, and many other even more "exotic" locations. This is travel photography with a vengeance, a one-man edition of National Geographic. There are currently special features on China's Silk Road, Burma, South Africa, and Australian nature, with an emphasis on Queensland and the Northern Territories. Europe and the United States are covered as well. There's also a nature gallery with deserts, landscapes, and wildlife, and a portfolio of miscellaneous work - people, architecture, and "traces of light". The variety here and consistent high quality is most impressive. "

november 1997
"Volgens Eric Wendel van de wereldreizigersclub Nederland, van wie wij deze tip doorkregen, zijn de foto's van Alex Sievers te vergelijken met die van professionals van het tijdschrift National Geographic. Of dat zo is, kan iedereen zelf beoordelen door de site van de fotograaf te bezoeken waar inderdaad prachtige foto's zijn te bezichtigen van alle uithoeken van de wereld: Azië (de zijderoute), Australië, Amerika en Europa (Tenerife). Wie slechts geïnteresseerd is in natuur of reizen kan ervoor kiezen de natuur- of reisgalerie te bezoeken."

Galeries de photos sur la nature et les voyages. Découvrez des villes, villages, paysages... de tous les continents. Visitez notamment le portfolio (séries monochromes, paysages ou portraits).

july 2002