1. antelope canyon, arizona, usa. Magnificent corkscrew in sandstone.
2. etosha, namibia. Wildlife roaming free on enourmous saltplains.
3. liwonde, malawi. Wildlife along the broad palmlined Shire River.
4. alps, central europe. Green heart of Europe.
5. haleakala, maui, hawaii, usa. Astonishing volcano.
6. columbia icefield, canada. Huge masses of ice.
7. karakoram, china. Reaching over 7.000 meters above the sea.
8. eungella, australia. Swimming platypusses and dark forests.
9. dartmoor, england. Barren landscapes in between dense population.
10. taman negara, malaysia. Among the oldest jungles in the world.
11. highlands, scotland. Lochs and barren lands.
12. bryce canyon, utah, usa. Fairyland erosion.