1. kauai, hawaii, usa. Sheer beauty.
2. maui, hawaii, usa. Lush tropic vegetation on a huge volcano.
3. madeira, portugal. Rugged peaks and rocky coasts.
4. ellis island, new york, usa. Shadows of the immigrants.
5. burano, venice, italy. Every house another colour.
6. big island, hawaii, usa. Traditions are still vivid to please Pele.
7. lanzarote, canary islands, spain. Black sand and white villages.
8. tenerife, canary islands, spain. Dry plains and lush green.
9. fraser island, queensland, australia. The world's largest sandisland.
10. sardinia, italy. A hidden beauty.
11. funen (fyn), denmark. The green heart of Denmark.
12. corfu, greece. Green island with captivating sandy shores.
13. forteiland, velsen, the netherlands. Small manmade fortress island.