1. bagan, burma. Not an Unesco site, but should become one.
2. uluru, northern territory, australia. Monoliths being sacred aboriginal sites.
3. stonehenge, wiltshire, england. Magic.
4. yellowstone, wyoming, usa. Steaming.
5. meteora, greece. The Meteora monasteries, high on pillared rocky hills.
6. hawaii volcanoes, usa. Large black lava,lush forests and a blue ocean.
7. kakadu, northern territory, australia. Wetlands, crocodiles, aboriginal rockpaintings.
8. forbidden city, beijing, china. Atmosphere and details.
9. lake malawi, malawi. Africa's third largest.
10. drakensberg, south africa. Toothshaped mountains.
11. grand canyon, arizona, usa. Erosion shows beautiful vast coloured eartlayers.
12. val d'orcia, tuscany, italy. Manmade landscapes.