1. sossusvlei, namib desert, namibia. The highest sanddunes in the world.
2. monument valley, mojave desert, usa. Everchanging colours.
3. huoyan shan, taklimakan desert, china. Barren and isolated.
4. erg lihoudi, sahara desert, morocco. Riding a camel in the heat.
5. uluru, central desert, australia. Red sand, flat plains and a monolith.
6. arches, mojave desert, usa. Erosion at its best.
7. saguaro, sonora desert, usa. Highrise cacti.
8. death valley, mojave desert, usa. The colours and the heat.
9. fishriver canyon, kalahari desert, namibia. The African Grand Canyon.
10. white sands, sonora desert, usa. Gypsum desert
11. mingsha shan, taklimakan desert, china. Shifting sanddunes.
12. arctic, canada. Harsh and almost unreachable.
13. valley of fire, nevada desert, usa. Warmth in temperatures and colours.